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About us

Metia Interactive is a game design and development studio based in Auckland, New Zealand and was founded in 2003 by managing director Maru Nihoniho.

For the past 20 years, Metia has been committed to creating inclusive and accessible games for all players which weave together universal themes and authentic representations of Indigenous Māori culture.  Our goal is to deliver games that are meaningful, that feature strong cultural themes with unique stories to tell.


Metia's first published title was Cube™ a puzzler game for the PlayStation Portable.  Cube was published world wide in 2007 by D3Publisher of America.

Metia was behind the development of SPARX a self-help e-therapy tool that teaches young people the key skills needed to help combat depression and anxiety.  It is available for free online through the Prime Minister’s Youth Mental Health Project.

Metia is an award winning studio with our games receiving the United Nations World Summit Award for Cube in 2009, the United Nations World Summit Award for SPARX in 2011 and another international award for SPARX the  UNESCO Netexplo award in 2013.


Waehere 3.webp

Waehere - Coding Concepts Game

Learn about Matariki and coding concepts restoring the eco-city hub Tahuna as Māori heroine Guardian Maia

Take on the role of our Māori her
oine Maia as she re-activates Tahuna, a broken dystopian regenerative city hub, through easy to learn programming style puzzles.

​You will be guided through T
ahuna by Wiremu, an AI assistant, as he helps you to restore the city hub. He will introduce you to each of the Matariki stars as you go on to restore the parts of the city they each oversee. Along the way you'll learn basic coding concepts and discover pieces of Māori culture and history.

+ Free to play
+ Learn basic coding concepts
+ Fun 3rd person action adventure exploration
+ Designed around Matariki, the star cluster Māori use to signify the new year
+ Meet each of the Matariki stars and learn how they are connected to our world
+ Clear away computer bugs with Maia’s special Wahaika weapon


Guardian Maia Coding Game.png
Blue Personal Objects

Games developed for the Ministry of Education

Te Aho Ngārahu was established in 2017 as an initiative to improve the access to quality te reo Māori localised curriculum resources to support ākonga, kaiako and Kāhui Ako learning in and through te reo Māori in both Māori medium and English medium settings.

We have developed several game resources for different Iwi telling their stories in a fun and engaging way for our young people.

Check the game out on the Ministry of Educations App Store and Google Play,

E Oho
Pūhaorangi is on a mission to to find his son Ohomairangi. He will attain the knowledge of the earthly elements and will complete dedication ceremonies, acknowledging his son and through karakia he will be prepared for his adventures so he is able to take Ohomairangi back with him from the cosmos.

Ue Waerea

Go back to Hawaiki where it all began, sail through the Pacific Ocean and go on a journey with Hoturoa where the karakia ‘Ue Waerea’ was spoken that cleared the path for Tainui waka.

Te Pura
Learn about the story of Te Pura the guardian Taniwha of the Wairoa river from the perspective of Ngāti Kahu. It is a story of guardianship and forgiveness.

And many more games and stories

3D Balls in Rainbow Background

The first game we ever developed.  Cube for the PlayStation Portable in 2007.

CUBE is a puzzle game, simple in concept and highly addictive. Set within a 3d cubic world, the player explores and discovers their way through suspended 3d platforms and mazes.

Perfect for the handheld market Cube takes advantage of the features of the PSP. Cube has broad appeal and is suitable for ages 3 years plus and encompasses the challenge of puzzle games for strategists of all levels from children to masters while providing action elements to broaden the player’s experience.


Over 135 levels of game-play including 36 multi-player levels, 10 training levels, and 9 bonus levels!

Multi-player Battle and Co-op modes with 16 game-share levels.

The game is only available on the PlayStation Store.

Cube PSP

The first game we developed that went through a clinical trial.


SPARX is one of our award winning games taking out the United Nations World Summit Award 2011 and the UNESCO Net Explo award 2013.

SPARX is an online e-therapy tool and helps young people learn skills to deal with feeling down, depressed or stressed.

Along the way, you will meet different characters and complete mini games.  As you complete each quest, the Guide will explain how you can use your new skills to feel better, solve problems and enjoy life in the real world.

SPARX uses evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy.  CBT is a treatment based on the premise that thoughts and behaviours influence feelings

Pa wars bg.png

The first game we developed in Te Reo Māori

MAORI PA WARS was Produced by Adrenalin Games and developed by Metia Interactive.


Get ready for an epic battle to defend against hordes of Māori warriors, beasts, ogres and other nasty creatures, including the mighty Taniwha, using your arsenal of defensive Pā fortifications and special abilities!

​Fight in forests, wastelands and mountains, customising your defensive strategy placing different specialised Pā, each with unique specialist troops! Then rain commets, summon brave back up warriors and recruit the Gods as guardians to help you in battle as you face legendary monsters and beasts on a quest to vanquish all your enemies!


Takaro Coding Concepts Game


Use your spatial awareness skills in this fully 3D cube flipping world! Control your energiser cube and to find code blocks then use your skills to control your rolling robot. Get your robot to the exit by giving it commands simply by using the code blocks you find.

​You'll not only gain the knowledge about what coding is and how to use it but it'll get you thinking in a 3D world and test your mental rotational skills too. Think in systems and puzzle solve in a learning and reactive environment.

Coding is an important skill and Takaro is a fun game to teach you about coding concepts to build confidence before you take the next steps into learning how to code.

Tākaro has been designed to give a basic idea of some of the coding concepts used in high-level computer languages.

+Educational, brain training, puzzle and problem solving game.
+Full 3D world full of twists and turns.
+24 levels of learning fun including loops, nested loops, if's and whiles. What is a 'loop' and how do you use them.
+4 mind bending challenge levels for the masters of the game.
+Tutorials to help you learn.
+Option in Te Reo Maori, learn new technical terms.

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Takaro 1.jpg

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